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#EGX2016: Failbetter Games

The last Developer Session of the day was from Failbetter Games, known for Sunless Sea and Fallen London.




The panel dealt mainly with the upcoming expansion to Sunless Sea, Zubmariner. For those who haven’t read our last article on the expansion, Zubmariner will essentially let you take the gameplay to a whole new area of the Unterzee – underneath the waves themselves. While the governments and ports around you have declared there to be nothing worth looking for, there is treasure for those who dare dive deep. But beware for it’s dark down there, fierce beasts roam the waters and you only have a limited amount of time before your oxygen will run out entirely.


As far as talking about content, we were told that you would be able to convert your ship into a zubmarine but only after you had essentially ‘invented’ the process to do so. After that has been discovered, all future captains in the game will have access to the converting process, but it will take time to complete. Underwater there will be currents that can sweep you along, sometimes cutting down the journey time of a voyage if you catch one going the right way but the murky depths make it hard to see what’s coming at you from the gloom. A dive will always be high-risk. There will also be new cities to discover too.




The other part of the session dealt with the announcement of Failbetter’s next game, revealed to be Sunless Skies – the sequel game to Sunless Sea. Set essentially in the same world as Sunless Sea, Sunless Skies will be taking place in ‘space’. Kind of. Set in a place known as the ‘high wilderness’, a splinter of the British Empire has set up a new empire in this unexplored place. We didn’t learn too much about it other than it is based on a Victorian interpretation of ‘space’ and will contain a lot of the same interface information as Sunless Sea has now.


We don’t know when the new game will be coming out (it’s still in development), but Zubmariner will be hitting digital store fronts October 11th.

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