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Besiege’s Multiverse Will Add Multiplayer And Map Creation

Besiege was one of those games that released that was very good to play with friends sat next to you or by yourself. It was a game with a set of engineering rules that made perfect sense, but at the same time weird and wonderful things (usually explosions) would happen and it was just funny.


Now Spiderling Studios have announced that they will be releasing the Besiege Multiverse in Q3 of this year. This is a mode that will combine the two most wanted features for the game into one – multiplayer and map creation. Which means said friends no longer need to sit by you, they can now join you in the game to construction contraptions that will eventually end up on fire or exploding! Wonderful!


Multiverse will allow players to work together to build not only the weapons and vehicles Besiege is known for, but also new levels that can be simulated mid-construction to make sure everything’s working correctly and nothing like a moving platform will get stuck somewhere. Spiderling Studios are going to be keeping fans up to date with the development of the Multiverse with regular videos, as well as guides to help players make the most of the new toolset. The game will increased slightly in price when the new mode comes in (by about $2), but players who already own the game will experience no extra charge for it.


As well as this upcoming mode, Besiege has just received two new Valfross maps for players to play on, the first being an abandoned mine and the second a great fortress to break down. The localisation system is also almost done, which means soon players can help the game’s language support on launch by contributing their own custom translations of the game to Steam Workshop for others to use before they get put into the game properly.


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