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Kickstarter Gaming Round-Up: April 10th

It’s time for another Kickstarter gaming campaign update, bringing you a few different campaigns that look interesting.


Starting with our catch-up of previous campaigns, we don’t have any that have finished successful yet – but we do have campaigns close to conclusion that have reached their goals. These are Pine (which is now 18,000 over its goal) and Sacred Fire (which is $1,000 over its target right now). We also have another campaign that is getting close to reaching its goal, although time is running out on it; STARFIGHTER INC has 4 more days to make around $37,000 if it is to be a success.


Of course, we also have those campaigns that haven’t been so fortunate and one of those is Innocence; one I covered so long ago. It is far short of its target right now and has only 7 hours to go, making it extremely unlikely it will meet its target. With no updates since mid-March, it almost feels abandoned. We also have two campaigns that have closed unsuccessfully; one being Dragon Lore which ran out of time, and the other Lizard People which had its campaign cancelled. The team behind Dragon Lore have said they will go back to work on the game and release a new Kickstarter at some point with a playable demo available; meanwhile the Lizard People game has been cancelled purely because the team wanted to go back and restyle it as a game called FAKE NEWS! and a new campaign will be launching at the end of this month for it.



Maximum Apocalypse



First up we have a co-operative board game for 1-6 players.


Maximum Apocalypse takes place in (you guessed it) the apocalypse, being described as a ‘roguelike’ in which the players simply have to survive the hostile landscape before them. You can scavenge, steal, kill and just generally do as you need to for your survival. Each player gets four actions a turn in which they can choose to explore the map, equip weapons, scavenge for resources or fight off monsters – whatever needs doing. There are unique player classes too that give you advantages in certain actions. A win condition requires enough fuel for the players’ shared vehicle to escape onwards.


Maximum Apocalypse has a $14,700 goal, which it has already bypassed. They are currently working on stretch goals, with 24 more days to run.







Next we have an occult sci-fi game.


Hellpoint is an RPG set within a science-fiction world with occult overtones. The game takes place on a derelict space station orbiting a mysterious black hole, and you as the player must explore this place after waking up here. This world is living through the aftermath of an event called ‘The Merge’ in which for a moment every living being lost their minds and were merged with all of their selves from alternate worlds. This event has attracted beings of great power too from all other dimensions.


Hellpoint has a CA$ 50,000 goal with 29 more days to go to reach it. It has made CA$ 13,619 so far.




Super Plexis



Next we have a 16-bit retro-inspired puzzle fighter game.


Taking inspirations from games like Tetris, Puzzle League, and Meteos; this game is trying to catch the spirit of them all while modelling their game in a 16-bit style in an attempt to recreate some SNES flair. This campaign is to try and fund the game on mobile platforms first, with Android being their first stop – then they aim to move onto other platforms including the Nintendo Switch.


Super Plexis has made $1,584 of its $6,000 target, with 25 more days to run.




War of Velana



Lastly we have another 16-bit game, this time a tactical RPG.


Using some classic JRPG elements, the game has grid-based movement and battles. The story sets us 200 years after a war between two countries at odds – Alta and Kovell. Alta’s outnumbered army won against the odds and a peace was formed. Now that peace is being threatened by a new army in the shadows, and a ranger named Arnen is getting wrapped up in proceedings and might have to face many odds in a bid to prevent another war.


War of Velana has 25 more days to run. It has made $2,102 of its $15,000 goal.

April 10th, 2017 by PredictedCyborg
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