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Bethesda Show Off Other TESO Warden Builds In Stream

Earlier today Bethesda streamed another ESO Live that talked about the balancing coming to the game, but mainly covered the other two specialisations for the upcoming Warden class being added to the game. Last time they covered the class that gave the Warden a beast companion, now they covered the healing (Green Balance) and ice (Winter’s Embrace) builds for the class.



They also talked about balancing that are coming up. Right now the changes they’ve already made they say are in aid of making all builds valid for something in-game, with everything having its use. Resource management is something they wanted to have as part of the gameplay (Stamina and Magicka pools) and they feel that recently that it hasn’t been, so other changes were to bring that back into line as well. The next patch coming will be this Monday, and will do a number of things. One is to tweak Spear Shards for all classes will still making them somewhat more useful for Templars as well as trading the disorient effect for some extra damage, and it was once against stated they they are trying to making sure everything they offer is viable to someone. As they said they want it so that “any class can do any role” while still letting the classes have their own little things they’re good at.



As for the Warden builds, they first showed off the Green Balance one that builds the Warden as a healing class. Among the abilities are one that wraps the ally in a healing vine (Living Vines) that can heal over time when the target takes damage, and then can be further specialised to either apply minor lifesteal to attacking enemies or give one final healing burst when it expires. Another (Nature’s Grasp) pulls the caster to an ally while giving them healing over time, and can again be further changed to either give all that healing at once or also heal up the caster. Finally, the Ultimate of Secluded Grove was said to be a ‘cheap’ area of effect heal which can either renew Ultimate if used to heal low-health allies or applies a healing over time effect to those caught in it.


Meanwhile, the icy Winter’s Embrace is more about dealing damage as well the buffs and debuffs. The first ability shown off (Frost Cloak) grants both physical and spell resistance to the caster and allies for a short amount of time, and can be improved to have a lower cost and greater radius or grant the caster even better level of protection. Arctic Wind was shown as the Winter Embrace’s healing ability, granting some insta-heal as well as a little over time; but can also be made to heal either and ally nearby or also cause damage to nearby opponents if the caster’s health is already full – depending on which branch you choose to go down with it. Then the Ultimate of Sleet Storm applies defensive buffs to the caster and nearby allies; and can be made to either stun enemies too or will increase the caster’s max Magicka when slotted.



This is just a taste of what was covered, so if you wish to hear fully what’s coming to TESO with the Warden catch up with the VoD here. Warden will be coming to the game from early June, so read up and get familiar with it before it appears on a server near you!

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