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Diary Of A New #WorldOfWarcraft Player – 20/05/17

This week has seen something happen that I called a few weeks back. Also, I finally got to start that furbolg uprising after a lot of travelling through the Barrens and Stonetalon Mountains. Woo.


Wait, There’s More?!


Ashenvale, I finally have returned to you! Let me just wrap up this quest and…



Oh, there’s another three markers on the map… guess I didn’t complete everything after all. Good thing I came back.


So yes, seems I wasn’t quite as done with this area as I had thought. Not only was there a marker still in a place I’d visited to go to, but there were two small areas on the edge of the map I’d not visited, both with their own quest marker. I decided that since I was here, I might as well start on and finish them as well. So, on I ran in Run Wild and Travel Forms, on down the path and past Horde encampments until I finally reached the location of the chosen questline at a new settlement called Forest Song.



Pretty place. Shame about the neighbours. Satyr are quite the impressive looking race, but they’re not at all nice. I’ve had an encounter with a few before, including one who I helped to be redeemed… but oh well. I need to visit them to complete a quest anyway, and more battle means more experience. Not that Bodeclaw needs it, she’s a higher level than Teddired is… although I guess that’s as it should be given that she is my original player character.



I dropped down into the back of Satyrnaar from Forest Song, which let me get right into the thick of the areas I needed to search for the tainted wood for the quest and let me avoid a good few satyr and other nasties while I did it. Then I ran out and used Dash to run to the Ancient who would cleanse the tainted wood… oh, and to yet another quest-giver. This time I was stealing back wood felled by Horde woodcutters and hopefully giving it a respectful send off. As well as planting more saplings into the fel-tainted area nearby (bloody satyrs…) to hopefully reclaim it as they grew. Now I stand ready for my next quest… to take fight into the Horde’s area nearby.


I am ready. And majestic as hell.



Losing Teddired’aka The Raptor


I knew it. I called it back when I found the Lashtail Hatchling; something was going to happen and I wouldn’t get to keep them. Her, now I should say as this questline has determined that for us.


So, over the last week or so I’ve been following a questline to do with reviving a troll whose large skull my raptor recovered from a bonepile. This week we finally had all the items needed to do the revival and… well, this was not a very nice troll. Legendarily bad, and he threatened to murder the gnome who had helped me revive him unless I gave him one thing…


My Lashtail Hatchling.



I had no choice and so, my little baby raptor was taken from me. Of course, the gnome who had helped me reach this point directed me to another person nearby who could help me out. Because I wasn’t just going to let Bloodlord Mandoklr steal my raptor from me like this, oh no.


And so, I sought out this other person and began a questline in which I discovered that this hatchling had quite the lineage. Seems this was the daughter of Mandoklr’s old raptor companion, and now he was going to train her to obey him. That was not something I was going to let happen. Oh no.



And she has a name, she has my name. Teddired’aka is my raptor and together with me in her mind we began to escape from the troll encampment. Only… it didn’t quite work. Now she’s caged more securely and that training is going to try and wipe me from her mind…


But I’m not going to give up. That raptor chose me and she is mine, and right now she needs me. That troll cannot have her. I swear, as soon as I can I will go into that place and I will leave with Teddired’aka by my side once more.



This has also sort of put me off having a troll as my Horde alt too… guess that’ll have to wait a little longer still.

May 20th, 2017 by PredictedCyborg
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