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Job Posting: Website Designer

Web designers you are needed! Sanitarium.FM want web designers who have experience in coding Php, HTML5, Flash and Java. Sounds like you?


This position can be for multiple people if you are just looking for some experience and CV building opportunities or for one person who feels they are able to design Sanitarium.FM’s website. This opportunity can and will turn into a full time team at a later date once the community of the website has grown.


Feel like you can only create one website? Thats great! Send us your application and join the team today!


Skills needed for role:

  • A basic knowledge of website design

  • Access to the internet

  • Experience in coding Php, HTML5, Flash and Java (or a few of these would be good)

  • A keen interest in making websites.


Skills which will help with the role:

  • Competent at web design using a multitude of programs

  • Being extremely creative thinking outside the box

  • Able to explain your workings to other colleagues


The successful applicants will be expected to not only discuss their visions for design, but also be able to produce visual examples of their plans either through labelled diagrams or actual HTML-rendered mock-ups. To do this, you’ll be engaging with Lonesamurai and members of our Creative and Technical Staff via online meetings. Everyone has a say during these meetings, so being the kind of person who can put new things on the table at the same time as listening to other plans would be very beneficial!


This is a volunteer based role to start, with opportunities for paid employment later on.

Click “Apply for this job” underneath this posting on our main Jobs page to apply for this role.

You can also email admin@sanitarium.fm for get more information about this role.

April 11th, 2013 by CrimsonShade
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