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Job Posting: Storyboarder

Got a good imagination and can create adventurous stories? We need you to create our storyboard for our online campaign and potential comics on site. This will need you to continuously write new material down to keep the interest of gamers and comic readers.


If you have a good understanding of game lore and would like to express or create your own then this could be the role for you to undertake!


Skills needed for the role:

  • Good, diverse and edgy imagination

  • The ability to convey your thoughts into a storyboard format

  • Good literacy skills and punctuality

  • The ability to hit deadlines


Desirable skills needed for role:

  • Previous experience storyboarding

  • A portfolio of previous experience and your own stories

  • Flexibility with your storyboarding

  • A good understanding of internet socialising, and usage of group meeting software such as Dolby Axon and Skype to convey ideas.


This is a volunteer based role to start, with opportunities for paid employment later on.

Click “Apply for this job” underneath this posting on our main Jobs page to apply for this role.

You can also email admin@sanitarium.fm for get more information about this role.

May 24th, 2013 by CrimsonShade
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