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The Sanitarium.FM Spring Open Hearthstone Tournament!

Hearthstone Spring Open


TrophySanitarium.FM Spring Open Hearthstone Tournament!
Your Entries
Total Entries
Days Left
The Sanitarium.FM Spring Open Hearthstone Tournament is coming this June 4th - 5th! Signup now and you can be part of the fun. Matches will be streamed live on our Twitch channel and commentated by PredictedCyborg with possible guest hosts Scarlet Dragon and Digmbot!  
  • 1st Place Prize: Choice of an Expansion OR 15 Card Packs
  • 2nd Place Prize: Choice of a Hero OR 7 Card Packs
  • 3rd Place Prize: You didn't come in 4th.
***Please place your Battle.Net tag in the Name field when you sign up*** Despite what the form says, we do not require your actual name - just put the Battle.Net tag in either field. If you do not supply this and we cannot determine it, your entry will not be considered.
This contest expired.

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