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The Sanitarium.FM - if we don't got it, it ain't worth playing. (That or Lonesamurai is slacking again :P)
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DJ Application Form

So you think you got what it takes to join the ranks of the disturbed and demented here at Sanitarium.FM? Don't worry, DJ experience is not a must - but if you have it, that's good too. In any case, if your interested in taking on this mission of great importance to rule the internet radio waves, read these few requirements and fill out our application. Remember that each show is 3 hours long, so make sure you can sit still that long hehe.


  1. A headset (or if you have a good quality desk microphone that is acceptable as well) and a computer that can handle multiple tasks. You will be handling mIRC, SAM, your web browser, Dolby Axon and possibly any number of other programs. So make sure your system is up to the challenge.
  2. A fast and reliable broadband connection. Seeing as you will be streaming, your connection will need to be up to speed. Test your speed!
  3. A music library of at least 500 songs from various (at least 50) artists.
  4. A legal age of 18. Sorry, that's the rules.
  5. Reasonable English skills. This is important due to the fact that we need to be able to communicate with you, and you with the listeners. Note that you need to be competent in both written and spoken English as you may be using both as part of your duties.
  6. Free time and motivation. We want people who want to have fun with this and enjoy doing their shows. This is an important factor to keeping the station thriving, and the lunatics wanting more.

You are also required to have an account on our website, as this will allow you access to resources on our website that will be useful for your DJ Trials and hopefully beyond. It appears you currently are not logged in to a Sanitarium.FM account, so we cannot currently show you the application form for reasons of spam prevention. Please login or register an account with us, then return to this page to continue your application.