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Our live radio broadcasts are currently on hiatus while we work on improvements to Sanitarium.FM's core services. For further information, visit our Discord.

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Join us on Minecraft


Server Name: Sanitarium.FM – Server Address: sanitarium.fm

The below map is updated roughly once every three hours.


Sanitarium.FM prides itself in being a premier radio station and online community for gamers, whether casual or hardcore; and one of the ways you can be a part of our community, have fun and engage your creative abilities while you tune in is to join the Sanitarium.FM staff and listeners on our very own Minecraft Server.


Using the map above, you can explore our current Minecraft World before you play. Featuring an in-building default spawn with guest accommodation and basic starting tools (please remember to return them should you leave the area!), our Minecraft server offers a welcoming environment to Minecraft players young and old. When you feel like exploring out further, you’ll find structures such as villages, buildings, railways and more all built by our very own listeners and Staff; and lots of wide open space with many different biomes if you want to claim some space as your own.


That’s not all! We have a weekly YouTube show called CraftWatch, which features tours of interesting features on our server; and reports on the latest news both here and in Minecraft as a whole. Made a build on our server that you’re really proud of and want to show off? Then why not share it on our Forum on our Station MC Server Weekly Update thread. If we like it too, you could be interviewed and your creations might even get shown on the next episode! You can also catch up on previous episodes via our Youtube playlist.


You can join our server through Minecraft’s “Multiplayer” mode – just use the “Add Server” option and set the server address to sanitarium.fm (wolfpacksamurai.co.uk and wps-interactive.org.uk also work). And don’t forget! If you donate to Sanitarium.FM and provide us with proof of the donation, you’ll get to play in Creative Mode for a limited time!

April 20th, 2015 by CrimsonShade