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Our live radio broadcasts are currently on hiatus while we work on improvements to Sanitarium.FM's core services. For further information, visit our Discord.

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Sanitarium.FM is made up of various DJs who each bring their own mix of tunes to your speakers. During the live shows, the DJs may open the floor to requests, allowing you to get involved and make sure the music YOU want to listen to gets played. Between shows, we also have an Auto DJ playing 24/7, who is ready and willing to take requests at any time from its repertoire.


Here are just some of the many thousands of tracks our DJs have to offer. If you see one you like, you can click its entry in the list below to add it to our request queue, ready to play for you at the next available opportunity. Due to software limitations, we can’t show our entire repertoire below; so if you can’t see the track you want, just ask in our Discord chat!



Want a more personal touch? You can also make requests in person and get shout-outs from live DJs by joining our Discord chat. Just come to the #liveradio channel and ask about the !request command 🙂

April 29th, 2017 by CrimsonShade