[BLOG] Two new heroes to enter the HotS Nexus soon

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[BLOG] Two new heroes to enter the HotS Nexus soon

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The roster of playable heroes within Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm is due to grow by another two in the coming weeks according to the developer of the game.

Entering the Nexus now are Diablo III's archangel of hope, Auriel, and World of Warcraft's Gul'dan. We don't have a specific date, but you can see the models now in Blizzard's latest developer diary if you just can't wait to see what they'll look like. Each will come with palette swapped skins, as well as the Master skin you can gain once you've gotten well good with them in-game and proven it.

Also coming along with the two new characters are some new skins for existing heroes. King Arthas (from WoW), Johanna (from Diablo) and Li Ming (also Diablo) are going to get new skins as well.

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