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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Speed Paint:- Exclusive Game Of The Month Artwork

To celebrate the release of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Sanitarium.Fm’s patrons received exclusive artwork of Lara Croft by our artist in residence, PhaseChan.


Check out the process behind the portrait below:



Love this illustration? Sanitarium.FM patrons get exclusive Game Of The Month artwork every month, support the station today to start receiving your prints.


October 8th, 2018 by Tavia
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EGX 2018 Day One – Roundup

EGX 2018 has kicked off, and day one has given us some announcements of new games, sequels and older games on consoles they haven’t been before.



let’s look at the main stage developer sessions first, kicking off with –
WillowBrook Post – Excalibur Games


Anno 1800 – Ubisoft Blue Byte


Arca’s Path and the state of VR in 2018 – Dream Reality Interactive


11-11: Memories Retold – Aardman Studios


Twin Mirror – DONTNOD


The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan – Supermassive Games


Twin Mirror, The Dark Pictures and The Gardens Between number among the new releases shown, focusing mainly on darker more story based theatrical games while Cat Quest 2: The Lupus Empire is a quirky, bright RPG starring a cat and is the only direct sequel announced so far.


Not exactly sequels, Playlink: Chimparty adds some more games to the Playstation Playlink, while other titles such as Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition takes an existing game world setting with a new art style and story, Fist of the Northstar Lost Paradise sees Kenshiro enter a new play style by the team that brought us the Yakuza series, Persona 3 Dancing in the Moonlight + Persona 5 Dancing in the Sunlight is a new entry in the bizarre dancing spin-offs to the popular Persona RPG series, and lastly everyone’s favourite purple dragon is having his classic adventures updated for the PS4 with the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.


And a quick round up of the games shown ont eh Playstation stream –



You can check out the trailers over in our playlist


That’s it for the day one roundup, a strong first day for lovers of new and classic gaming. make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live blogging of the developer sessions!

September 21st, 2018 by TGB_SirhcAndAr0n
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Sunless Skies Early Access Review

SAIL THE STARS. BETRAY YOUR QUEEN. MURDER A SUN. Set a course for the heavens in your steam locomotive! Lose yourself in a changing universe where even time can be bought. A Victorian Gothic adventure for PC, Mac and Linux.



Sunless Skies is currently an early access title and is the sequel to Sunless Sea which itself is a sequel and spin off of Fallen London, the browser based text game that started the world of the sunless games. Sunless Skies is one part rogue-lite, one part trader sim, one part narrative focused RPG. The game is built on the Unity game engine and Failbetter’s own narrative platform StoryNexus. Failbetter has once again managed to make a charming game that captures the whimsical humor of their fallen London universe and the Lovecraftian adventures one could find there but now set in space on a steam powered locomotive.



For better or for worse the core of the gameplay remains the same as that of sunless sea, you create a captain, and you navigate your vessel through the dark and dangerous expanses of space trying to make your fortune or become famous. If you die that captain is dead permanently in the legacy mode but your new captain may inherit a higher starting level, money, and star chart. As of writing this I have gone through 6 captains, each having died hilariously and horribly from my own growing pains trying to learn my way around the map. You have to manage your sanity, your fuel, your supplies, and of course your cargo. The farther away from the starting port you get, the more dangerous things become, I was killed in two shots by an enemy locomotive while I was distracted by the beautifully creepy homestead I discovered. Combat is simple with you firing one of two weapons and trying to hit the enemy while at the same time trying not to get hit by said enemy. This usually end up revolving around you flying circles around the enemy to line up a clean shot to their starboard or port broadsides so you can avoid the front of the enemy as all weapons currently fire directly ahead of the locomotive.



Like any good narrative, the meat of the story and immersion is what happens between start and finish, and having the legacy of your previous captains help to make a unique story for each play through. Much like the heirs of your heroes in rogue castle changed gameplay, so too does your next captain. I have had captains that found devils and rats to be officers aboard their locomotive, each with their own story to pursue, and then i have had captains that instead found passengers that lead to their own stories and quests but never found the same officers. This randomness keeps things fresh and unique in between traveling from port to port when travel is getting tedious and the monotonousness of the dark space between ports sets in.



Sunless Skies is a great narrative and a superb time killer. The writing is great and the art is appealing. Failbetter has most assuredly learned from their previous titles and seem to have once again struck gold and I expect them to further tune the gameplay in this early access title as they continue to integrate player feedback. That being said, this game is not for everyone and I can only seriously recommend it to those looking for something slow paced to kill time and wanting to try something different or to fans of the old star trader style games as the game can get tedious and boring during long stretches of exploration if you are not into games like this. I had a blast playing this title and am looking forward to seeing how it progresses from here and have even gone to take a look at the browser based adventure game that started it all, Fallen London. I am giving Sunless Skies a 6 out of 10, I have fallen in love with this universe and can’t get enough of it.



Sunless Skies is available NOW on STEAM – https://store.steampowered.com/app/596970/SUNLESS_SKIES/



Sunless Skies gets a mindbending 10/10 from us!




September 17th, 2018 by Darsch
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Saurfang from World Of Warcraft Speed Paint:- Exclusive Game Of The Month Artwork

To celebrate the release of World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth, Sanitarium.Fm’s patrons received exclusive artwork of Saurfang by our artist in residence, PhaseChan.


Check out the process behind the portrait below:



Love this illustration? Sanitarium.FM patrons get exclusive Game Of The Month artwork every month, support the station today to start receiving your prints.


September 10th, 2018 by Tavia
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Trials of the Gauntlet :- PC Gaming Review

In Trials of the Gauntlet, You wake up in the courtyard of a Steampunk mansion, your arm replaced with an electric grappling hook. You use your new arm to solve puzzles, traverse the mansion and fight your way to the top of the clock tower where you confront the mad scientist who did this to you.



Trials of the Gauntlet from Broken Dinosaur Studios, a studio formed by students of Full Sail University, is a midterm project for Game Development that has been released as a full game.  The setting of the game is a Steampunk mansion, where your character awakens with a grappling hook where one of their arms should be and proceeds to enter the mansion to find the scientist that performed the mad experiment on you.



Gameplay consists of traversing the mansion in an upward fashion, largely using your grappling hook to do so.  The grappling hook has another function: an electric hook which is used to activate some electronics and slow down enemies so you can bash them with your other arm.


The graphic style is decidedly retro with large pixels eschewing the need for a lot of detail.  The art of the game isn’t bad – but it’s nothing amazing either – with fairly generic looking bad guys and environments.  Due to the nature of the project (being a school project) it was developed in a limited time frame and so some of the animations feel a bit floaty at times, with the character and enemies feeling somewhat out of place when moving.



I found the controls of the game to be quite fiddly and using the grappling hook was more cumbersome than fun, which is not a particularly good trait for your main game mechanic, and like most aspects of the game it was largely forgettable.


Overall, the game feels very much like the school project that it is.  The runtime of the game is estimated at 90 minutes, but glitches and bugs are frequent, which the developers are aware of – again, due to the limited timeframe for development, only critical game breaking bugs were worked on.  Now that the project has been completed the devs can go back and try to neaten up the edges and expand the game, or move on to a new project, but in the current state the game is hard to recommend.


Rating 4 / 10



Trials of the Gauntlet is available now on STEAM

June 30th, 2018 by TGB_SirhcAndAr0n
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