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Kickstarter Gaming Round-Up: April 24th

After a week away, the update to what is looking cool on Kickstarter with gaming campaigns is back!


Updates first on campaigns previously covered and there’s an awful lot to update you on. Firstly we will start with campaigns that are struggling or have already failed. Struggling at the moment are a few, including Forged of Blood, Organism8, and Attack On Kitten (which has only 17 hours remaining). All will have trouble reaching their goals in time, so expect to hear next week that they were unsuccessful in achieving their targets. Two campaigns have also concluded without having met their goals and these are Innocence and King under the Mountain, which actually had its campaign cancelled. The people behind King under the Mountain are planning to relaunch their campaign soon, hoping to reach their goal next time; and the team behind Innocence haven’t given any update – again this is one that was last updated mid-March so it looks abandoned almost.


However, there’s good news too in equal amounts. Three campaigns have finished having met their goals already, those being Sacred Fire, STARFIGHTER INC and Pine. A few others are still running having made their targets or else are terribly close to doing so. Those that are running having met their goals right now are Gametee: World’s Finest Leather Notebooks for Gamers (and they’ve just passed a very big stretch goal too!) and Maximum Apocalypse; while the ones running very close to meeting their goals are OUTBUDDIES and Pawarumi. I expect to be telling you good news about those two as well in the weeks to come.






First up we have a game with a cover image of a character wearing armour that immediately made me think of Halo. Tells you what sort of game it’ll be then, sort of.


INTERSTELLAR ROGUE is indeed set in space, and you are shooting stuff – but it’s a roguelike/roguelite type game. The game is rendered in a 2D pixel art style, which the developer says he feels has ‘character’ over 3D. The page depicts some set-in-space fighting with your ship shooting incoming enemy craft and other space hazards, kind of ala Asteroids with the player in the middle and ships approaching all around them.


INTERSTELLAR ROGUE has a goal of £10,000 with 37 days to make it. It has raised £42 so far.



The Unique Adventure



Next up, we have a game where your decisions shape the story.


The Unique Adventure aims to be just that; unique. Your decisions will shape the entire path you take in the game, from moment one. The game is first-person and has narration as you progress. It’s also described as a comedy, so think something ala The Stanley Parable. There’s a demo available on the page too for people who want to try before the pledge.


The Unique Adventure has 16 more days to run, trying to make its £15,000 goal of which is has made £1,265 already.



Forsaken Castle



Next up, we have an adventure throwback to 16-bit games.


Forsaken Castle is a platformer game, following a paladin as her quest for the light takes her into the castle to do battle with the evil inside. The campaign page lists a number of platforms, including Linux and the Nintendo Switch among the more common PC, Mac, and PS4 – the consoles though are stretch goals. This game also has an option to try before you pledge, with a link to the game’s pre-alpha on page.


Forsaken Castle has a $10,000 goal and has made $2,435 with 29 days to go.







Finally we have another game with a title in all-caps – a shooting game this time.


Q-YO is a retro-style shoot-’em-up with what is listed as “funny characters, ridiculous invaders and explosions everywhere” so they know what gamers who love this genre like. Explosions are always a big seller. There are a few playable characters, one of which seems to be a really intelligent guinea pig called ‘Mr. Cheeks’ (no, really) and another being a robot who wants senpai to notice her. Yeah.


Q-YO BLASTER has made MX$ 2,167 of its MX$ 12,666 goal so far, with 26 days to go.


April 24th, 2017 by PredictedCyborg
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Sanitarium.FM News Update | 24/04/2017

April 24th, 2017 by PredictedCyborg
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Maia Update Adds CPR; Overhauls UI

Space colony simulator game Maia has just received a patch that not only teaches your settlers a new skill, it cures them of their door-related short circuiting.


Update 0.61 has given the UI of the game a radical overhaul, as well as introducing the ability for settlers to resuscitate unconscious teammates – although it’s best done by those settlers who have actual medical training over those who do not. Rooms can now be clicked upon for the settings to be shown, with the mini-menu allowing limits such as how much could be stored in a storage room for example, or what can be stored in there. You can also lock down rooms through this menu too. Settlers will also no longer have a little break down if they end up in a doorless room.


Changes have also been made to item placement too, meaning now you’ll always know if your colonists can interact with an item (no more placing something backwards) as well as what path your colonist might take to it. You can also set move orders to let your colonist shift around items to set locations to fix pathing issues if need be.


Lastly the tutorial has been given an overhaul too to make it easier for new players to grasp, as well as adding in features new to the game since the last time the tutorial was looked at. If you want to give the game a look it’s currently 50% off until the 25th, available for $12.49/£8.99 on Steam.


April 23rd, 2017 by PredictedCyborg
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Red Dead Map Mod For GTA Cancelled

Red Dead Redemption is one of those games that people waited ages for its sequel. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be out this autumn and most fans are willing to wait. A couple though decided to recreate the fun of the original game with a custom map in Rockstar’s other popular game GTA V. Only it seems someone at Rockstar or Take Two didn’t like that, as the team behind it have been ordered to stop production of the mod immediately shortly after the project was shown off.


Shown off on the GTA forum, team .White showed off two screenshots and said that their aim was to recreate the game’s map with some additional content which they didn’t elaborate upon. They had aimed to get up a teaser trailer soon, and had set a beta release sometime during the summer.



However, as of yesterday one of the .White team Mr. Leisurewear announced that the map mod was dead officially following communication from someone at either Take Two or Rockstar directly with the team and basically telling them to stop their efforts immediately. Reasons for this aren’t 100% clear, as other map recreations such as Liberty City were allowed to progress, but some think that they just don’t want attention taken away from the upcoming sequel’s release later this year. Which is understandable.


It just sucks for the people who’ve wanted a PC version of Red Dead to play, which currently can only be done via Sony’s Playstation Now service.

April 23rd, 2017 by PredictedCyborg
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Friday The 13th: The Game Releasing In May On Steam

After a few updates, and a little bit of a delay to add in some new features Gun Media have announced that their asymmetrical multiplayer killer survival horror game, Friday the 13th: The Game, will be arriving on Steam the date of May 26th.


For those who haven’t heard of the game yet, it’s basically a bit like Dead By Daylight except based off the popular film franchise. One player will take the role of one of many different incarnations of Jason Voorhees, each with their own strengths and abilities, while the remaining seven players will become the camp counselors Jason must chase and kill, again taken from characters from each of the Friday the 13th films. Counselors need to work together to escape, while Jason just needs to hunt and kill. Simple.


There will be a few different playable maps too; Camp Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven and Packanack Lodge will all be in-game. The different Jasons are taken from Part II, III, VI, VII, VII and IX with their own abilities, and this also goes for the counselors who all have their own skills that make them better at certain things such as repairing items, healing others of building traps. So if you have a good teamwork dynamic going, the counselors might have a decent enough chance to escape and win the game.


The game will be launched on Steam for a retail price of about $40, and there will also be a physical releasewith special limited collector’s edition available too. That comes with a steel-case and art cover. And in single player’s more your style, there will be a free update coming later in the summer that will add that in the form of a campaign mode.


April 22nd, 2017 by PredictedCyborg
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