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World Of Tanks Finals To Be Held In Moscow

Right now there’s a lot of big tournaments for all kinds of games going on around the world. ESports are big business but then smaller events are no less important, especially to followers and fan of the game they’re being played in.


Wargaming.net have just revealed the details for the finals of their game World of Tanks, whicxh will gather together 12 teams of the best tank crews to compete for their share of the $300,000 prize pool available. Starting on May 23rd, the twelve teams will kick off with a group stage where they are split into four group of three. The rounds will be the best of five and will crown an overall group winner along with a runner up. The group stage will conclude the next day on the 24th, leaving just four of the teams to compete for the overall grand prize and the crown of 2017’s Final victor. These quarter-finals, semi-finals and actual finals will be taking place over May 27th and 28th.



The location for the finals will be the VTB Ice Palace in Moscow, with the rounds being streamed on Facebook and Rostelecom for those who can’t actually be there in person. And for those people who can’t Wargaming.net will be running contests on social media for follow tank commanders to win special prizes. There will also be two Grand Packs and a Fan Pack available on sale in the World of Tanks Premium Shop, all offering players special team emblems and lapels in support of their favourite competing teams.


Also, Wargaming.net is apparently going to consult Tomato the clairvoyant lobster before the Grand Final on May 28th to predict who the winner will be. Because.


For details on the tournament schedule, current standings and all the teams competing, make sure to check out the official World of Tanks Grand Finals website.

May 7th, 2017 by
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