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 Defender - Sanctuary Series by Robert J Crane 
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Defender. Defender, is recognisable, or should be, to people who play RPGs, whether via a PC or console or old-school with Dungeons and Dragons role play with a group of friends. The book, and series, is good read even if you don't play anything mentioned before, or even if you don't read fantasy books but you do play the games.

To give a bit of background about the world, or at least the continent its on, is your typical fantasy world, with Elves, Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves, Troll etc., however they surprisingly live in an almost harmony, not much fighting amongst each other as everyone seems to have been involved in several wars, not to say they don't fight, but they do live fairly peacefully. Also there are portals, some which allow transport across the land, some which take the people to other realms, to complete challenges and gain new items. And to complete the realms, adventurers created guilds, not only to complete the challenges, but to also provide security against threats or just fellowship.

The book starts off in a memorable way, with the main character and his friends organizing for a raid on a cave system, a system currently occupied by a dragon king and its minions, to not give too much away. The raid itself goes as expected, but a slight surprise.

After this, the main characters get invited onto a raid into a city owned by another magical species called Titans, to kill specific targets they were given. However they manage to inadvertently uncover a conspiracy, but take them awhile to realize. After which they join the raiding guild, starting the main plot of the story in earnest, with another raid this time to kill high ranking goblins, but not as successful.

During the story you find out a lot more about how politics of the area go, mostly with how guilds interact with each other, the make up different guilds, with the different races and classes making up the guilds, as well as the lay of the land and what the main targets are for the guilds.

The writing of the story seems a bit rushed, not rushed as in spelling mistakes all over, but rushed in the way the author tries to tell a story in probably half the word count they probably required. It's still a good story and well worth a read, especially if you like these sort of stories.

While I said the story starts off in a memorable way, the series itself starts in a way to provide some continuity across the whole series, as well as provide a sort of mystery about what has happened.

I'm currently hooked on the series, and buying the first 3 books in a set for free has probably helped but if I came across them not on sale, I would probably buy them, just like I am currently doing. I seriously recommend it, whether you like RPGs or like the fantasy genre.

And incase you want to start reading - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sanctuary-Books-1-3-Defender-Champion-ebook/dp/B00YJCJGEG/ . Its free, try it out

Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:40 pm
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