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As of 27 Sep 2016 14:45:20 BST

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The Sanitarium.FM - if we don't got it, it ain't worth playing. (That or Lonesamurai is slacking again :P)
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Sanitarium.FM is a radio station dedicated to gamers and technology fans alike! Its run, hosted and edited by gamers, for gamers. We deliver high energy music for all of your gaming needs, from epic questing to ultimate PvP'ing! A whole host of different DJ's will be playing different games and playing different music, so stay tuned for your specific gaming top tips! We discuss latest technology releases and up to date game release info! These are also posted on our Forums so take a look. Because in our world, gamers need to rest but the gaming doesn't!

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Post #EGX2016: Failbetter Games

September 24th, 2016 by PredictedCyborg

The last Developer Session of the day was from Failbetter Games, known for Sunless Sea and Fallen London.     The panel dealt mainly with the upcoming expansion to Sunless Sea, Zubmariner. For those who haven’t read our last article on the expansion, Zubmariner will essentially let you take the gameplay to a whole new […]

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Post #EGX2016: Planet Coaster

September 24th, 2016 by PredictedCyborg

One of the Developer Sessions onstage today at EGX was from Frontier, as they talked about the development process of Planet Coaster, both what they’d already been through and what was still to come in the game.     The game at its basic level is a theme park designer, utilising paths, rides, shops and […]

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Post #EGX2016: Lazarus (@SpiltMilkStudio)

September 23rd, 2016 by PredictedCyborg

Spilt Milk Studio were one of the people who have a developer session today at EGX, using the time to talk about their new free-to-play MMO that was in beta now – Lazarus.   Lazarus is a space MMO roguelike, with the unique property of the game world having a reset every week. This means […]

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Post Ubisoft Want To Tweak The Division To Feel Like A Shooter Again

September 23rd, 2016 by Digmbot

  The Division is getting a big overhaul soon with update 1.4. Ubisoft is trying to make the game more challenging, and to pull that off it sounds like all gear, armor, weapons and skills are open for big changes. While the entire post over on the website is pretty involved, we can hit the […]

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Post #EGX2016: Little Nightmares

September 22nd, 2016 by PredictedCyborg

Today was the first day of the EGX Developer Sessions, and the first thing to take to the stage was an indie title from studio Tarsier Studios – Little Nightmares.     Originally revealed at Gamescom a month ago, Little Nightmares is a suspense-adventure game in which you control the protagonist in her bid to […]

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