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Sanitarium.FM is a radio station dedicated to gamers and technology fans alike! Its run, hosted and edited by gamers, for gamers. We deliver high energy music for all of your gaming needs, from epic questing to ultimate PvP'ing! A whole host of different DJ's will be playing different games and playing different music, so stay tuned for your specific gaming top tips! We discuss latest technology releases and up to date game release info! These are also posted on our Forums so take a look. Because in our world, gamers need to rest but the gaming doesn't!

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Sanitarium.FM offers a live chatroom via IRC, allowing visitors to join the DJs, Inmates and other Sanitarium.FM listeners and chat and make requests while you rock out - on live shows, you might even be able to chat with the bands!

You can also read our full mIRC setup tutorial, or use the following details to connect using your own preferred IRC Client:

IRC Server: irc.sanitarium.fm
Port: 6667  Channel: #Sanitarium.FM

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Post Transformers Universe closes as Jagex and Hasbro “realign focus for 2015″

December 17th, 2014 by PredictedCyborg

Transformers Universe was an MMO that became a MOBA. Now, the Jagex developed game is shutting its servers for good.   The announcement came earlier and said that Jagex and Hasbro are closing the game down to “realign their plans and focuses for 2015″. Full closure of the game will take place at 10am GMT […]

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Those of you who follow the gaming community might remember the announcement of a little game called Hatred back in October. The trailer was for a game about mass-murdering innocents and quite rightfully caused controversy. Some said that the developer Destructive Creations should be free to create whatever they wished, while others noted that it […]

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A forth Assassin’s Creed Unity patch had been expected to be released today, a patch that it was hoped would fix all the remaining issues with the game that had so many that it even made the mainstream media. Unfortunately seems that said patch will take longer than thought.   In an update Ubisoft announced […]

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Post Hearthstone AMA reveals the game is coming to Android tablets

December 16th, 2014 by PredictedCyborg

An AMA by Blizzard for Hearthstone took place today on the Hearthstone sub-Reddit. In fact it finished just under an hour ago at time of writing.   AMA in case you’re not aware, stands for Ask Me Anything. It’s a popular way for game developers and other media persons to let their fans ask the […]

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Post Video Preview: Smite’s New God – Awilix

December 15th, 2014 by Digmbot

Hi-Rez is getting ready to drop a new god. This time out, it’s Awilix, Mayan Goddess of the Moon. As an assassin she comes with incredible mobility and a devastating kit. Time to hit the Public Test Server and try her out!  

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