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Sanitarium.FM is a radio station dedicated to gamers and technology fans alike! Its run, hosted and edited by gamers, for gamers. We deliver high energy music for all of your gaming needs, from epic questing to ultimate PvP'ing! A whole host of different DJ's will be playing different games and playing different music, so stay tuned for your specific gaming top tips! We discuss latest technology releases and up to date game release info! These are also posted on our Forums so take a look. Because in our world, gamers need to rest but the gaming doesn't!

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Post Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Live Letter 37 Digest (Part 2)

June 26th, 2017 by CyberGoblin

Welcome back! In the last part I went over the first half of the Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood live letter at E3 and in this part I will cover the Q&A as well as the announcements at the end.     They started the Q&A by addressing some of the concerns about the potential state […]

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Post Nintendo confirm SNES-flavoured sequel to Nintendo Classic Mini line

June 26th, 2017 by CrimsonShade

Nintendo made waves last year when, near the holiday season, it released the NES Classic Mini – a miniaturised facsimile of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, with 30 classic games built-in. Though the console was only available for a few months – with most selling out – before being discontinued by Nintendo as a “limited […]

Posted in Gaming, General, Nintendo | 1 Comment »

Post Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Live Letter 37 Digest (Part 1)

June 25th, 2017 by CyberGoblin

As part of their E3 livestream Square Enix hosted another Live Letter for Final Fantasy XIV yesterday going over one of the new trials, another look at swimming in both old and new areas, post launch content and a short Q&A.     They started with one of the new levelling trials: The Pool of […]

Posted in Gaming, General, Massive Multiplayer Online, Multiplatform, PC, Playstation | No Comments »

Post Kickstarter Gaming Round-Up: June 19th

June 19th, 2017 by PredictedCyborg

It’s time for the weekly look into Kickstarter’s gaming campaigns.   Started as always with our previously covered campaigns, there’s a few to cover and unfortunately a lot of it is a tale of unsuccessful campaigns, cancellations and ones that have a lot of fund to make up in little time. There are three of […]

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Post Sanitarium.FM News Update | 19/06/2017

June 19th, 2017 by PredictedCyborg

Blizzard, The Evil Within 2 and Xbox One X dev kits – your news update!  

Posted in Gaming, General, Massive Multiplayer Online, Multiplatform, PC, Playstation, Xbox | No Comments »

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