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Join us at 9pm every day (except Tuesday) for live shows! We have shows at other times too - check the Schedule for the full listing!
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Sanitarium.FM is a radio station dedicated to gamers and technology fans alike! Its run, hosted and edited by gamers, for gamers. We deliver high energy music for all of your gaming needs, from epic questing to ultimate PvP'ing! A whole host of different DJ's will be playing different games and playing different music, so stay tuned for your specific gaming top tips! We discuss latest technology releases and up to date game release info! These are also posted on our Forums so take a look. Because in our world, gamers need to rest but the gaming doesn't!

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How to get involved Online in #Sanitarium.FM now

Sanitarium.FM offers a live chatroom via IRC, allowing visitors to join the DJs, Inmates and other Sanitarium.FM listeners and chat and make requests while you rock out - on live shows, you might even be able to chat with the bands!

You can also read our full mIRC setup tutorial, or use the following details to connect using your own preferred IRC Client:

IRC Server: irc.sanitarium.fm
Port: 6667  Channel: #Sanitarium.FM

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Steam Gifts is a system set up in Steam to allow you to trade games with other users of the service, therefore both getting a game that you want and everyone’s happy.   Unfortunately there’s been a nasty little bug in the system that scammers have been exploiting to get games for nothing. Simply if […]

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  Perhaps no Wii U game has been more highly anticipated this year than Super Smash Bros. With the wait finally over, its time to find if Sakurai and his team can live up to all the hype, or if Smash for Wii U has a bad case of sequelitis. Smashing Expectations For those unfamiliar […]

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