[BLOG] The Sunday Night Showcase! Sunday 8th September 2013

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[BLOG] The Sunday Night Showcase! Sunday 8th September 2013

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This week on the Sunday Night Showcase -

We will be joined in IRC and live on air by


The Dead Good is a German-Italian alternative rock duo based out of Los Angeles and comes across with female attitude and raw sounds.
Formed by Isabella Knight (vocals) and Sonny Lanegan (guitar/vocals), formerly frontman of the electronic rock band White Pulp, it is known for its unique sound with bluesy elements and a hint of punk.
Their music is a personal journey of experiences following the honest and unmodified impressions of two maniacs who fell in love with each other and travel together since then.

The guys from The Dead Good will be joining us live on air this evening, answering you questions from IRC, Facebook and twitter

Make sure to join us aswell to get some requests in! The Live request system both on the website and in IRC @ irc.sanitarium.fm port:6667 #sanitarium.fm for live show discussion

Also, keep an eye on this thread for future youtube videos and info about the band and for any ramblings from the band themselves

Yes indeed, Sunday Night Showcase LIVE!!! with your hosts, LoneSamurai and Twisted!!!

Sunday 8th September, 9pm til Midnight GMT (4pm til 7pm EST)

See you there
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