[BLOG] Ronimo replace Awesomenauts loadout with a "big ass shop"

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[BLOG] Ronimo replace Awesomenauts loadout with a "big ass shop"

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Part of 2D MOBA Awesomenauts set-up for defending your area from the opposing team's assault is the way you customise your chosen character's weapons and upgrades so that you can get stronger as the match wears on. However the way the game had it set up up until now has caused some of the less-popular upgrades to be chosen very rarely as they weren't considered to be as good or left you at a disadvantage if you chose wrong. Developers Ronimo have decided that it needs fixing.

Right now you can choose three of your upgrade options per line before the match, so choosing wisely was a priority and so the same upgrades would be chosen over and over. It wasn't possible to choose any other upgrades other than those ones once you'd locked them in, which could leave you wanting if you chose badly. To fix this, Ronimo are overhauling the 'shop' part of two bases on either side of the map.


“With a completely new interface and expanded shelves, you now have 6 options in the shop per skill row.” explained dev Joost. “You still can buy 3 items per row, but you will have all the items available to you to choose from during the game."

This will allow for more customisable ability builds in game, without greatly changing the way an Awesomenauts match currently plays out. The only downside is that with choice, you could possibly spend too long choosing a new upgrade. Not a good idea in a game where you need to protect a drill core from being destroyed.

Full beta patch notes are here: [x]
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