[BLOG] LoL eSports manager threatens house of player's mother to keep him on team

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[BLOG] LoL eSports manager threatens house of player's mother to keep him on team

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There's been a number of little episodes in eSports in recent weeks. Now in the competitive League of Legends scene, one rather bizarre and honestly worrying episode has come to public light. The team known as MeetYourMakers has been discovered to have been using some terrifying tactics to keep their midlaner Marcin "Kori" Wolski in the team after some disputes over back-pay he was owed. Basically the MCM manager, Sebastian “Falli” Rotterdam, threatened to seize Kori's mother's home if he left.

It seems that if Kori left the team he would be in "breach of contract" and because his mother signed his pro gaming contract the manager felt the need to make the threat about her losing the house. The entire episode began last season with a team known as Supa Hot Crew, which in some ways evolved into MeetYourMakers when it split as a lot of the management overlaps between the two. Kori played for Supa Hot Crew and it seems that towards the end the team stopped paying some of their players, because Kori claims to be owed months' worth of pay from last season. MYM have said that the debt isn't theirs to pay back though, its Supa Hot Crew's. Not surprisingly, Kori has decided that if he isn't going to get paid he wants to leave. That's what triggered the manager's bizarre threat against the house.


Unfortunately for Falli, Kori had been recording the conversation. He took the recording to the media, with a big article appearing in the Daily Dot, and a complaint having been filed with Riot eSports and the boss there Nick Allen. Although MYM have issued an apology, Riot have already begun an investigation into the incident with Allen tweeting out "We take the safety and well-being of players very seriously. We are, and have been, actively looking into the situation between Kori and MYM."

It's not the first time MYM have been called out for rumoured unsavory practices. A former MYM coach/manager has spoken about the team keeping money for themselves that was meant to go for coaching staff and former Fnatic top laner Paul “sOAZ” Boyer has tweeted out that he's rather jump off a bridge than play for them.

Who says eSports isn't like real sport? It's just as dramatic sometimes it seems...
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