[BLOG] LoL Pro team disqualified under impersonation rule

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[BLOG] LoL Pro team disqualified under impersonation rule

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An updating game client is responsible for the disqualification of a League of Legends pro team from the Challenger Series for the Spring 2015 split in what has to be one of the mostly costly cases of impatience ever.

The team in question is Cloud9 Tempest, and thanks to not having updated his client before a live-stream match one of the team, Ritchie "Fade" Ngo, was unable to log on for the check-in. The team came together to decide what they wanted to do and decided to have their analyst, Tim "Timokiro" Cho, be a replacement for Fade by logging into the pro player's account and pretending to be him so that there would be no delay in the match time. The team could have alerted the officials of the patching problem but chose instead to take this action, which actually falls foul of the rules for the tournament and the game itself.


Section 9.1 of the rulebook states that 'ringing' or playing using someone else's account is a breach of the unfair play rules, and the punishment is disqualification for the players involved. This has manifested in four different ways - the time itself is disqualified from the Challenger Series for the during of the Spring split; all of its players are suspended from all Riot-sponsored LoL competitions until the time of the Summer split; the team's manager, Danan "Kaniggit" Flander, is also suspended until the time of the Summer split and Cloud9 cannot sponsor a Challenger team until the Summer split.

The investigation found that the team made the decision to throw Timokiro into the game as a replacement themselves and that team manager Kaniggit was not involved in the making of the decision. He did find out during a team call during the matches, but allowed the matches to take place and play out rather than alert officials and therefore in Riot's eyes implicated himself. The team's substitute player, Jonathan "Grigne" Armao, was not found to have had any hand in the decision and was unaware of what was going on and has escaped any penalties himself. The team will not be made to pay any fines.
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