The Martian by Andy Weir

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The Martian by Andy Weir

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I read this after seeing the movie and was curious to see how much the movie kept faithful to it, and surprisingly it kept the book very faithfully. Obviously, I'm not saying a few things were changed for onscreen but enough was kept to keep it great.

So, if you have seen the movie, then give the book a read, it's even better.
If you haven't seen the movie then I guess I need to convince you to buy either, preferably the book though. Or both.

The book starts with the main character, Mark Watney, explaining the situation he is, but not like other books which intersperses the back story with the continuing events, which sometimes cause confusion, but the whole first chapter just provides background story to reader, but not just about the situation the character is in, but also the major events on the lead up to the mission he was on.

The whole book is based around a audio log style, with Mark recording his whole mission, but instead of being a matter of fact like stating the day’s events, and any issues, the logs are humorous and interesting, but they are also explain plainly any of the scientific stuff that people wouldn’t understand. It’s not just humorous though, there is also despair at his situation, which brings the story back to reality a bit.

There are also traditional looking chapters, which aren’t based around a log, which are based around NASA and the spaceship taking people to and from Mars. These aren’t thrown into the story with no thought for progress, but they are placed at essential parts with good timing to the story and don’t break immersion.

There isn’t much, if any, non-understandable scientific terms or explanations, and all the science in the book, I believe, is cross checked with experts for the viability of the specific, techniques and situations for the staying on Mars, so while a lot of it is fictional, a lot of the science is possible, so it’s very believable for being possible.

Overall the book is well worth the read, for fans of all book genres, and movie fans. The story is well written and flows smoothly from scene to scene, and nothing seems out of place, both with aspects of the story or any spelling errors, and the author knows his subject.
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Re: The Martian by Andy Weir

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The Martian - Andy Weir is available on Amazon
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