[BLOG] The VGM & Beyond Bundle

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[BLOG] The VGM & Beyond Bundle

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I am a lover of great deals and this usually leads to me finding game and music bundles on a variety of sites including Humble Bundle and Groupees.

Today I found an awesome bundle on Groupees.com called the VGM & Beyond Bundle. This is a bundle of Video Game Inspired Music; including music created using original Gameboys, 8-bit/Hard Rock Fusions, Electronic-Symphonic works, and various Covers of Video Game music including a chilled out Reggae cover of the Mario Theme.

How can you say no to that?

What’s best about it is you only have to pay at least $1 to get it. But I suggest paying a bit more if you can for this bundle. A percentage of the money from the bundle goes to help a young child in India named Surya who needs to have heart surgery to fix a hole in his heart.

You can learn more here

So if you are a lover of Music and Games, check out the VGM &Beyond Bundle and get some awesome music for  $1.

The Bundle ends on 3/14/2013.

VGM & Beyond Bundle can be found here

Hopefully in the future I can find you some more awesome deals.
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