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Back on air soon!

Our live radio broadcasts are currently on hiatus while we work on improvements to Sanitarium.FM's core services. For further information, visit our Discord.

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Status: Offline
Host: sanitarium.fm
Port: 25565

Sanitarium.FM: Broadcasting simultaneously 1,000 years in the future.
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How can I listen to you guys?

We have tried to make tuning in very easy. Generally, all it takes to tune in is to click on the icon at the top of the page that corresponds to your media player. Or, if you use the TuneIn Radio app available on XBox and most Smartphones, you can just search for “Sanitarium.FM” and tune in directly.


What Media Players are supported?


The Sanitarium.FM supports all media players including (but not limited to): Windows Media Player, Winamp, Real Player, iTunes (Mac/PC), XMMS (Linux), VLC (All Platforms) and Audion (Mac).


The Sanitarium.FM recommend jetAudio, which supports most media file formats and Winamp plugins; and has MP3Pro built-in.
The Winamp tune in link will also work with jetAudio, iTunes and most other media players!


What are the tune in addresses for each player?


We have created a detection script to determine what player you are using and feed it with the correct stream. All you have to do, is to use the “Open URL” function of your favourite media player (For Winamp you can press CTRL-L, and for Windows Media Player you can use CTRL-U). For the high-quality stream, use http://www.sanitarium.fm:8050 as the address; for the lower-quality one, which uses less bandwidth and is ideal for mobile and those with a metered connection, use http://www.sanitarium.fm:8000 as the address.


I tried to tune in, but I can’t hear a thing…


Before getting into anything technical, check if we are on-air. We broadcast 24/7 but sometimes (as Comfuscius says) shit happens. The “Now Playing” box on the left will inform you if a DJ is on air.


If a DJ is on air and you still cannot hear a thing, then you are probably behind a firewall or a router that blocks port 8050, the port where we broadcast from. Check your firewall/router settings and enable traffic on port 8050, or ask your network administrator to enable it for you. Sometimes, especially in company networks, the administrator will refuse to open any extra port other than the absolutely necessary due to security reasons. In that case, get in touch with us, and if we have many people that cannot tune in, we will investigate opening an additional server on more firewall friendly ports. You can also try tuning in to our lower-quality that broadcasts on port 8000.


Whenever I tune in I’m getting sound buffering, skips, hiccups etc.


Check if someone or something in your local network is utilizing your bandwidth. Also check if you have bandwidth hungry applications (such as p2p) running on your computer as they tremendously affect any streaming media. Sometimes if you’re connecting your computer wirelessly to the internet, the wireless network might face problems sustaining a constant stream, especially if the reception is not good. In general wired connections are faster and more reliable even if less convenient. For wireless connections, make also sure that they are encrypted, otherwise your neighbors might be feasting on free internet on your connection.


It is also possible that your ISP might not have a fast enough connection to our primary European server. You can try tuning in to our USA relay and see if it performs better for you.


How can I tune in to the USA relay?


The tune-in links on our front page will always send you a playlist containing all of our servers/relays. If you are using winamp, make sure that you have the “Playlist” window (little PL icon) open. Just double click on the desired server entry. For media players that don’t support complete listing of remote playlists (such as windows media player), tune in through the links on the site and once tuned in, click on your media player’s NEXT button. It will skip to the next server in the list.


Please note that the USA relay has limited capacity and it is there for people who are having connection problems with our primary European server. Be a good sport and refrain from using the USA relay unless you’re having connection issues with the European server.


Finally, you can drop by our IRC channel, where there is always someone that will help you with any technical difficulties you might face, or post a message on the Feedback forum.

August 20th, 2012 by Lonesamurai