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Warhammer Plus, Week 1 Review

Warhammer+ is a subscription service for Warhammer fans. It’s a whole new way to explore the worlds of Warhammer, where you’ll find original animations and shows, access to Warhammer apps, a digital vault packed with lore and magazines, subscriber offers, and exclusive miniatures. There’s something in Warhammer+ for every hobbyist.



Warhammer+ released last week (25th Aug.) to a mix of fanfare and boo’s from the easily provoked Warhammer Community (a member I both love and some days hate) and frankly, after 30 years of being a member of the community, I ADORE Warhammer+!


Ok, let’s get to why before I pull up the gripes…

For starters, it’s AMAZING value and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, let’s break it down –

The Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar apps were £2 a month EACH, both are now part of this for £5 a month, but that’s not all.



Warhammer Vault, an interesting and growing repository of back catalogue issues of White Dwarf (each £6 a month), plus rule books and info packs from previous editions of Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar, that alone is an amazing amount of reading material, especially for folks like me that want to go back and play old editions of the game aswell.


Now, the controversial part, Warhammer Animations. Earlier this year, a number of popular fan made animations were removed from Youtube and some who had Patreons suddenly shut them down. Now, we live in a time of conspiracy and bug tech ruining what we love and Games Workshop updating their IP rules ready for Warhammer+ took a LOT of flak for this, however it was actually a great start for some of these fan animators, they have actual jobs in a media company with a real wage now. The last time we saw similar was a hiring spree by Disney, anyway, we now have Hammer & Bolter and the stunning Angels of Death kicking off a future haul of animated goodness most of us are salivating for (seeing our tabletop game in animation is riveting)


<p style=”font-size:small”> https://twitter.com/Astartes40k/status/1369666193989111808</p>


So, the last part of the subscription, the “Free” model. Now of course, it’s not really free, you need your subscription to last the full 12 months OR go for the yearly option, but this is where it gets interesting, the models equivalent on the GW webstore is £25 (using the Orruk Megaboss as a comparison), making the yearly 10 month sub (£50) only £25… or a monthly break down over 12 month of just £2.08. so 9pence more than one of the game apps before this.



Last but not least, we have the Warhammer Community teams content. Masterclass with Sughammer is a fantastic showcase of skill that I’m trying to learn from, the first episode, painting faces, I must have watched four times already and still my painted faces look like Sloth from Goonies (I love Sloth, Goonies was one of my fave films).  Battle Report with Patrick (and Nick Bayton for the first two) were great showcases of how fun a game can be, Nick’s enthusiasm show’s he was a good GW Store Manager too, but Patrick explains the rules and tactics really well.  The third show, Lore Master, hasn’t started yet, as Wade has been ill, so it’s held back production, but I’m stoked for that too.



Now, the gripes…

Some have mentioned the lack of content, and that’s a valid criticism to start. Four animated shows, four shows from the Warhammer Community team and what’s initially appeared in Warhammer Vault actually isn’t very much. But Games Workshop also padded that out with a good roadmap of what’s coming and for the early adopters in week 1, a £10 digital voucher for the webstore.



So yeah, even now, it’s a great deal if you are a long time fan like I am, it was a no brainer on a money value side, the growing content is already good and we know we’re in for more goodies. If you’re a long time Warhammer fan, there’s no reason NOT to get into it early and if you’re fairly new, Warhammer stores are running a great starter system called Battle Honours, go check it out and tell them I sent you! Until then, I’m off to enjoy the week 2 content




September 1st, 2021 by Lonesamurai
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