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Job Posting: Sound Engineer / Sound Artist

Got a good ear for that right tone or a good bass line!? Then look no further, Sanitarium.FM needs your sound engineering skills and sound artists alike. We are looking for this role to be filled with people who want to make our upcoming Record Label sound the best possible and have chance to meet new bands from all over the world.


We need sound engineers and sound artist to help promote our schedule of DJ’s and upcoming Record label. You will assist the podcasts and the live streams from the offices and ensure that the sound quality of the radio station is optimum at all times.


Got the skills to create new edgy era?


Skills needed for the role:

  • Some experience in sound engineering

  • A general good sense of music direction and music collaboration

  • An understanding of radio station music outlet systems

  • A hard working ethos when working under pressure


Desirable skills needed for role:

  • Previous experience and references in sound engineering

  • Good communication skills to clients and colleagues

  • Worked with bands and radio station formats previous to Sanitarium.FM


This is a volunteer based role to start, with opportunities for paid employment later on.

Click “Apply for this job” underneath this posting on our main Jobs page to apply for this role.

You can also email admin@sanitarium.fm for get more information about this role.

May 15th, 2013 by CrimsonShade
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