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Storefront Coming To Bedrock Editions Of Minecraft

Well we all knew it was coming from the moment Microsoft bought Mojang – Microsoft have announced a storefront for players to purchase selected user-made content for Minecraft which will go live with the game’s 1.1 Discovery update this spring.


Before you get up in arms, hold on. It’s only for the mobile and Windows 10 versions – the “Bedrock Engine” editions of the game built with C++. The console versions and the original Java PC version won’t be getting this, so if you play using one of those this doesn’t apply to you. The store will also allow the users who made the content to make money off the sales too.


The store will contain user-made skins, maps and other assets which will all be priced in a virtual currency – Minecraft Coins. Obviously you will need to fork out some real money to get these coins – $1.99 for 300 coins, $4.99 for 840 coins and $9.99 for 1,720 coins – and you’ll need an Xbox account to purchase and store your coins. 30 percent of each sale goes to the store, with more than 50 percent of it going to the creator of the content which isn’t bad.



At first there will only be nine sellers on the store; Blockception, Blockworks, Eneija Silverleaf, Imagiverse, Noxcrew, Polyamps, Qwertyuiop The Pie, Razzelberry Fox and Sphax – if you’re a consumer of Minecraftian content you’ll probably recognise at least one of the names in here. As time goes on, more people will be added and anyone can apply to have their content added to the store but you’ll need to have a business license to apply in the first place.


At the moment each purchase can only be used on one device, but Microsoft have said that they are “working toward making content players buy available on multiple devices as well, enabled by a free Xbox Live account”.


As a long-term player the thought of monetizing Minecraft content like this does niggle at me a little bit, but as the creators are getting paid for their content being sold and this isn’t across every version (i.e. it’s not shutting off modded content for everyone, full stop) I don’t have a major problem with this development. We all knew it was coming.


If you disagree, feel free to tell us why below.

April 10th, 2017 by PredictedCyborg
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