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Diary Of A New WoW Player – 22/04/17

So, after watching Lonesamurai play through the Legion expansion on stream it happened. I have a habit of falling into things a bit late, and usually after observing someone else enjoying that thing. World of Warcraft is now on that list of things.


I tried World of Warcraft once many years back. A free trial with a Night Elf Hunter. I didn’t enjoy it very much then. It seemed weird and tedious, all these quests running around and trying to kill enough creatures for rewards… then there was trying to play on a laptop. The lag played a big part in putting me off I think.


But time had moved on, I’d grown up a little and changed slightly as a person. What’s more I now have my own rig to play upon, with a second-hand Nvidia GPU given to me by a friend. So I decided for the sake of fairness to give it one more go, trying out the Worgen race that hadn’t been available in the free trial the last time I played… and it’s fair to say that I got hooked now the game controlled a lot smoother than it did last time.


So now join me as I talk about my initial experiences in World of Warcraft, through the characters of both Bodeclaw the Worgen Druid and Teddired the Pandaren Hunter.


Starting Off


I knew something about the Worgen origin story before I came into WoW this time. Long ago before my first try, I’d wanted to play as a Worgen and was disappointed to find they weren’t in the free trial. Of course, this was way before Legion and even before Draenor, so they just weren’t available to free trial players yet. I knew that they were cursed and frankly I’ve never been one to go for the typical ‘human, orc, elf…’ choices that seem to be available in each game. So for my second try at this, I was determined to choose Worgen, to give myself the biggest chance of liking it.



The name itself came from my desire to have something cool-sounding and appropriate, as well as ‘Bode’ being the first thing that came to mind. For those who haven’t seen it, the ‘Bode’ meme was kind of popular on a few sites months ago and involved posting photos of round cats with the word ‘Bode’ on it. It’s nonsensical, has nothing to do with Worgen and I loved it.


I’ve currently made it all the way to Darkshore where I’m currently after some Twilight Hammer cultists. I passed through their area earlier and rescued some Elementals so I’m honestly looking forward to going back and properly kicking them down. I’ve gotten into the habit now of accidentally finding quest areas waaaay before the quests that I need them for are received. Strangely I’ve only managed to do it on this character, not my other one… I guess my Druid is more curious than my Hunter is?




I discovered Battle Pets through the purchase of my Hawk Owl. Took a little fiddling around before I learned how to summon it, but now I’m walking around with it flying behind me and that suits me just fine. I’ve gotten through the first level up quest, now I’m going to try and get my Lv 3 quest done so I can start catching and collecting.


As far as my race and class choices I’m enjoying them a lot. Worgen has the ability at a point to go between their Worgen and human selves but I chose Worgen to not be human, so needless to say I’ve never actually made use of that ability. What I have made use of are the Druid transformations – Cat, Bear and Travel forms so far. I chose Feral as my specialization so right now I probably spend more time in Cat form than I do any other form, and fighting as a cat is a lot of fun. Especially being able to hit multiples with the Thrash ability. Since I hit Lv 20 only recently I’ve not really done a lot of running in Travel form yet, but I’ll give them points – that’s one impressive looking stag!



However, when it was decided I’d be doing a weekly player diary I didn’t want to get beyond Lv 20 on my Worgen, so when I hit that shortly before Easter, I made myself another character so I could still play…


My First Alt


My first go at WoW had been inspired slightly by some video I saw of the Pandaria expansion when it was still in closed beta. So really, there was only one other race I really wanted to try out…



When I went to make myself a Pandaren, I had no idea what class I wanted to play or really what I wanted her to look like. When I discovered that Red Panda was also kind of an option I went that way, and when I found a hairstyle that incorporated a coloured hair streak I had to choose it (and make it purple of course). When it came to classes I was a little more limited and i certainly didn’t feel like doing the typical Pandaren Monk that most players chose – when I saw Hunter was a choice I went that way because really I do like Hunter as a class and hoped this time to finally capture a new pet.


I played through the initial questlines and when it came time to make the faction choice, I went Alliance mainly because the Horde actions didn’t really convince me that I should join them. Stormwind though was on first sight both impressive, terrifying and somewhat stuffy all at the same time. I would never make a good Paladin, pure upright goodness that seems overly superior doesn’t sit well with me at all. I also still get lost all the time, no matter how many times I go there. I’ve only just remembered the vague direction to head for the Gryphons…


Speaking of Stormwind, one of my trips back was to learn how to use Mounts. This was yet another thing that I have sworn i will collect as many of as possible, so I went to get my training from the Pandaren for the quest and then… well, as I said I get lost in Stormwind so damn easily. So, I went mountain climbing…



I’m not really vertical there, it’s just a clever camera angle but I was pretty damn close. Upon finding my way down (taking some damage but not enough to kill me outright) I swam down a river til I met a dwarf called Turp who told me that he just wanted to live our his retirement in peace before telling me to get along now. So I did. I had better things to do anyway.


I now find myself in Duskwood, having just completed the Noblegarden chocolate hunt to get myself the pets and the rabbit ears. Lone fortunately saved me having to find enough for the mount too by gifting it to me, so I at least didn’t have to grind Noblegarden Chocolate for much longer than I did. I’m fighting undead alongside my boar, a Young Goretusk I tamed the moment I learned how to tame a second pet (well hey, I had to try it out!). Maybe not the most impressive Boar, but he is mine.



As I progressed it seemed that Teddired would be a part of this diary too, so now you can expect little updates from both of them and their adventures. Two for the price of one!


This has been a brief introduction to how I came to play World of Warcraft, as well as a little bit about both my character so far. I’ll go into more detail about actual game events next week, I thought this week would be best served lying a foundation though for you to follow along with.


See you next week!

April 22nd, 2017 by PredictedCyborg
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Sanitarium.FM News Update |  19/04/2017

April 19th, 2017 by Digmbot
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Sanitarium.FM News Update | 13/04/2017

April 13th, 2017 by Digmbot
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Sanitarium.FM News Update | 11/04/2017

April 11th, 2017 by Digmbot
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Wargaming’s April Fools Is Actually Pretty Cool

It is that day now when we all must tread carefully on the Internet. It is the day of false news stories, jokes and tall tales. However, sometimes during all that we get something kind cool.


Wargaming’s April Fools joke is one of those. They’ve added a new mode to their game World of Tanks that’ll only be available for a limited time. Just what have they added? Well, take a look.



Yes, last year they took us to the Moon – so this year they’ve taken the game a little further over to the red planet of our solar system. The terrain will be rocky red and you’ll get a chance to use your favourite tank to zip along shooting lasers under hovering UFOs, all in simulated low-gravity conditions. Sounds fun, and the trailer makes it look pretty amusing as well.


Playing the mode will get you a ‘Life on Mars’ medal, but the gamemode will only be available from now until April 3rd at 8am BST – so hurry if you want to grab it. Who knows though, there have been cases of April Fools jokes being so popular that studios have implemented revised versions into the game permanently.


And if you want them, Wargaming has actually given some tips, which are as follows:


  • Use ramps to launch the Lunar Chaffee to skip valleys and reach health power-ups.
  • Use target lock while on the move to increase firing accuracy.
  • Drive into the light (yes, we mean it) to see what comes next.


Today can be a little bit annoying for some of us, but frankly the creative jokes and the fun ones (like this one!) kind of make the day worthwhile. A little.


March 31st, 2017 by PredictedCyborg
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